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Volume 24, Issue 4
November 2008

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Volume 25, Issue 2 (November 2009)

  • Next Generation of eXpress Now Available eXpress Enterprise, 5.0: We are pleased to announce its new connectivity software: eXpress Enterprise. Available for users of both MCP and 2200 sites, eXpress Enterprise is a refinement of the eXpress Plus product line, and as such, is free-of-charge to customers currently under maintenance.
  • Invigorate Your Data Center: We know that the mainframe is probably the most powerful machine your business utilizes and it is our job to secure that investment by bringing out its full potential.

Volume 25, Issue 1 (February 2009)

  • Easily Monitor and Maintain Certificates: We are excited about a new product offering called, CertMinder. If your job involves installing and maintaining SSL or code-signing certificates, CertMinder will make your life much simpler.
  • No-Hassle Code Distribution: AppDep is the product that will turn the heads of geeks, everywhere.  We have been delivering products with this great little application for over a year and have decided to share our good fortune (for a small fee of course) with developers, the world over.
  • Q&A: Confused about if you should install the .MSI and .EXE?
  • Greetings from KMSYS South: KMSYS Worldwide increases its footprint.

Volume 24, Issue 4 (November 2008)

  • Powerful Automation Made Easy with Context Sensitive Scripting: This feature, added to our eXpress Plus product line, Version 4.2 and higher, allows you to anticipate screen content and run a script whenever that content appears from the host.
  • UNITE 2008 a Magical Hit: If you were able to make it to Orlando, you would have seen what was a great conference for our UNISYS community.
  • Q&A - I-QU PLUS-1 and I-QU ReorgComposer

Volume 24, Issue 3 (August 2008)

  • Local Print Object Limitless Terminal Printing Possibilities: When you have a need for more capability than you can get out of standard print handlers, Local Print Objects or LPOs are the way to go. You can create LPOs to interpret, integrate or extend normal host print data to special printing requirements or into other Windows applications.
  • Put On Your Mouse Ears Because We’re Going to Orlando: “Adapting to a Changing World”. That is the theme of UNITE’s 2008 Unisys Technology Conference, and it makes a lot of sense as there are some very big changes happening this year.
  • Q&A - I-QU ReorgComposer
  • Q&A - eXpress: Updating from an old version to a new.
  • Unisys Is All We Do... And We Do It Well : The old adage goes, “practice makes perfect.” The assumption is that the longer you attempt something, the more likely you are to get it right.

Volume 24, Issue 2 (April 2008)

  • New UTS and T27 Connectivity Available: KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Version 3.5 of eQuate and Version 4.2 of QPlex Client and our eXpress product line.  These new releases fully support IPv6 DNS Resolution, FIPS 140-compliant cryptographic security modules (requires HGS), FDCC standards, Unisys single-point sign on and utilizes the Microsoft .NET Framework and offer many new ease-of-use features.
  • Goodbye ActiveX, Hello Easy Deployment: We have simplified and secured the deployment and activation of our browser-launched products.  Our new Application Deployment System (AppDep) provides for a ClickOnce(TM) deployment of our web based client interfaces. Any authorized user of the client system is able to activate and run the application without administrator privileges, even in a secure locked-down user configuration.
  • Q&A - Screen Image Printing in eXpress Plus:  What controls whether a screen image is printed on the same page as the previous image or on the next page?
  • Case Study: Carnival Cruise Lines: This study is based on the use of the I-QU Suite (I-QU PLUS-1 and I-QU ReorgComposer), and comes from the good folks at Carnival Cruise Lines, office of the Supervisor and Resource Manager, Enterprise Database Group and Web Methods Administration.
  • Links and Responses: Once again, we found a very informative and entertaining piece from one of our favorite writers, Lou Washington.

Volume 24, Issue 1 (January 2008)

  • Q-Clicks: Docs in a Web Box: Continuing the interactive tour of our web site, we visit our biggest help aid.  In this issue, we would like to point you to the unique availability of our documentation.
  • Q&A - Faster Searches:  Here are tips on how to better utilize the power of our flagship products, I-QU PLUS-1 and Q-LINK.
  • Must Reads: In our constant effort to stay abreast of technology advances, we found some interesting sources for you. 
  • Technological Bliss: More funny stories from the tech support.

Volume 23, Issue 4 (November 2007)

  • Robots Ate My Newsletter! KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. is very pleased to announce another evolution in communications.  Our newsletter, Q-Tips, has gone interactive.  Readers will have easier access to Tech Tips, Demos, and Documentation than ever before.
  • A Great Place for All Unisys Users: If you are a Unisys user, buyer, manager, administrator or know what Unisys is, then you need to be at UNITE.
  • We Have an iWinner:  This could have been you!
  • Q-Clicks: An interactive tour: With this new Q-Tips format, we are able to bring you a more interactive experience. In this issue, we would like to point you in the direction of our online product demos.
  • Q and A: Subscripting an RDA entry.
  • High Praise: Happy Customers
  • Technological Bliss: Funny stories from the tech side.

Volume 23, Issue 3 (August 2007)

  • The Modern Data Exchange - Less Mainframe, More Client: Shift the emphasis from your host to your client and save your MIPs.
  • Are you Vista ready? We are!  We are pleased to state that our software is ready for Microsoft Windows Vista® (even our host software).
  • Q&A: [In I-QU PLUS-1 or Q-LINK] is there a way to force round up rather than round closest or round down?

Volume 23, Issue 2 (April 2007)

  • More on eXpress Scripting: Data Selection: We were recently asked if there is a function or script for selecting a screen field in T27 eXpress Plus. As you might expect, the answer is “yes.”
  • Proof of Concept -- Seeing is Believing: An evaluation and Proof of Concept (POC) demonstration can go a long way toward answering many of your questions about a product. A POC demo from KMSYS Worldwide works to your benefit with your applications, on your system and with your data, all under your guidance, with your approval.
  • Case Study Follow-Up with Viking Electric: We earlier published a case study with a customer that had migrated from another vendor’s product, to our T27 eXpress Plus.  We recently heard from Mr. Anderson about how T27 eXpress Plus is working out for the company.

Volume 23, Issue 1 (January 2007)

  • Power Tools Right There in Your Emulator: To illustrate the power available in the eXpress product line, we are now including a file transfer script and dialog form. This article reveals how the dialog and script was developed and under what circumstances they are suitable for your use.
  • Looking Back at the Shows of 2006: Another year has come and gone, but what a great year it was. KMSYS Worldwide has been very busy with a more active show schedule than in the past.
  • Q&A: Is it possible to copy the configuration from a stand-alone version of T27 eXpress Plus to work with the Net version?

Volume 22, Issue 3 (October 2006)

  • Defending Today’s Embattled Data with Host Gateway Server - A Prospective on Security: We have heard a lot of talk about SSL encryption and authentication, but how important is it, really? Is it something that is a passing fad or is it here to stay? It’s real, alright. And we are bringing it to you.
  • Case Study - Viking Electric Supply Taps T27 eXpress: High maintenance, restrictive software and escalating hardware requirements necessitated finding a more flexible emulation solution. Companywide migration to T27 eXpress Plus gives them significant savings with greater functionality and responsiveness.
  • Q&A: I-QU PLUS-1 and user-written CALC algorithms

Volume 22, Issue 2 (August 2006)

  • Discovering Time Critical Savings: A Case Study in Unisys DMS 2200 Database Management
  • KMSYS Worldwide Goes to Europe:  We were pleased to participate in Unisys' Future Matters European conferences.
  • Golf Sponsorships: Hitting the Links for a Good Cause

Volume 22, Issue 1 (April 2006)

  • Case Study: UTS eXpress: A Case Study in Value-Plus Software
  • What In the World Are We Thinking?
    • Securing Your Data Through Interactive Development
    • We’ve Been Busy at KMSYS Technical Services
    • Reaching Out to Worldwide Participation
  • Q&A
    • Quick-and-Dirty Reorgs
  • The Day the E-Mail Took Flight: Humor

Volume 21, Issue 3 (October 2005)

  • Fortify the Ramparts with Host Gateway Server: KMSYS Worldwide has been vigorously developing a new security service that will protect your data from prying eyes and unauthorized access.
  • Case Study: Siskin Steel Replaces NX/View with KMSYS Worldwide Solution T27 eXpress
  • Q&A
    • I-QU PLUS-1 Libraries
    • T27 eXpress Printing
    • Special Key Macro
    • T27 eXpress Session Restart

Volume 21, Issue 2 (July 2005)

  • KMSystems Changes Name to KMSYS Worldwide, Inc.: As you may have already heard, KMSystems, Inc., has changed its name to KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. Why? The answer is simple...
  • Fore!: KMSYS Worldwide Sponsors and Participates In Charity Unisys Golf Tournament
  • A Quick Customization Tip: A new feature of eXpress 4 allows you to change the appearance of a screen quickly without having to go through the configuration program.
  • A Quick Look At the IQ Suite: If you have a mainframe, chances are great that you run reorgs. The IQ Suite is what makes them run fast.
  • We’re Available For You: In order to provide our customers the most information about our products, we have made our materials available to you in several different media.

Volume 21, Issue 1 (March 2005)

  • New from KMSYS Worldwide, Inc.: eQuate Version 3.0: KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of eQuate, Version 3.0, an all-inclusive development package that allows the creation of Windows applications interacting with existing or new host software.
  • Considering an Upgrade?: Perhaps this will convince you.
  • Q&A
    • "How do I distribute a common configuration ... so that we can begin deploying T27 eXpress IT to our roughly 200 users?

Volume 20, Issue 3 (Winter 2004)

  • A Quick Look At the IQ Suite: If you have a mainframe, chances are great that you run reorgs. The IQ Suite is what makes those reorgs run fast.
  • A Letter From the Sales Team: Security, Customer Service, Affordability, Stability, Flexibility...

Volume 20, Issue 2 (Summer 2004)

  • NEW! T27 eXpress, Version 4: For Access to ClearPath Plus MCP Servers
  • Did You Know? - Support, Input Recall, ClearPath Machine Upgrade, etc.

Volume 20, Issue 1 (March 2004)

  • Pictures Say It All: Add a new dimension to your emulation productivity with eXpress Chart.
  • UTS eXpress 4 is Here: "Best of All Possible Worlds"
  • Tool Tips: UTS Key Functions

Volume 19, Issue 3 (December 2003)

  • Independent Emulators in One: Tailor each eXpress 4 emulator screen or environment to the application that runs on the host.
  • QPlexView Client: Melding the old with the new - a QPlexView that permits the user to exceed the Web interface.

Volume 19, Issue 2 (2nd Quarter, 2003)

  • Local Print Object: Limitless Terminal Printing Possibilities
  • Planning a 2200 Hardware Upgrade? - Important Information for I-QU PLUS-1, I-QU ReorgComposer Q-LINK and InfoQuest Users
  • Tool Tips
    • Increasing the size of the printer buffer in I-QU.

Volume 19, Issue 1 (1st Quarter, 2003)

  • Flexible yet Secure Authentication: Optional, single sign-on capability to Windows and OS2200.
  • 20 Years and Still Going Strong: Celebrating our 20th anniversary as a company.
  • Tool Tips:
    • Making use of the IQU Security SGS's.
  • It’s Marketing, Stupid: A little bit of humor.

Volume 18, Issue 3 (3rd Quarter, 2002)

  • Stellar Screen Scraping: Simple, Cost Effective Solutions for Host to Windows Migration with eXpress Pro
  • Q&A
    • "QPlex Client requires Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers" message.
    • "Is there a limitation to the page size when using I-QU PLUS-1?"
  • Tool Tips
    • Mapping a series of keystrokes to a single key in eXpress.

Volume 18, Issue 2 (2nd Quarter, 2002)

  • New from KMSYS Worldwide, Inc.: eXpress IT and eQuate Web
  • Tool Tip: Configuring Your Keyboard with eXpress
  • Q&A:
    • After sorting data in I-QU PLUS-1, with @SORT, the last word was being truncated.
    • Saving the configuration in eXpress
    • REDEFINE fields in a new schema

Volume 18, Issue 1 (1st Quarter, 2002)




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