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Taking Mainframe Security to a New Level: Host Gateway Server Version 3.0

KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. is proud to announce the availability of Host Gateway Server (HGS) 3.0.  This version of HGS incorporates evolutionary changes in product design and the user interface.  It provides an improved interface while reducing internal complexity.

More Security to Protect Your Data Enterprise

With the newest release of connectivity software from KMSYS Worldwide, you can confidently employ the latest security measures available in the industry.

KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. Has the Unisys ClearPath Solutions You Need!

We offer a very wide range of products that are specialized to suit most Unisys server needs.

Securing Your Data Through Interactive Development

Our eXpress emulators and eQuate applications are performing admirably at customer sites using SSL encryption and authentication.

Unisys Users Have a Choice

When looking for emulation, application development or mainframe productivity solutions, you want to surround yourself with reliable products.

We’re Always Finding Ways to Increase Productivity

Scripting, a powerful feature included in UTS and T27 eXpress terminal emulators, allows eXpress users to do some amazing things, and with our built-in script recorder, is easier than you might think.

Renovate Green Screens to Windows and Web Applications For MCP and OS 2200

Quickly enhance your valuable host applications with eQuate from KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. Add the modern graphics, controls and functionality expected by Windows© users everywhere.

MCP Emulation, 4 Versions of Version 4

KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. continues to provide the best replacement for your obsolete MCP terminal emulation.

Need to Replace NX/View?

KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. continues to provide the best replacement for your obsolete MCP terminal emulation.

KMSYS Worldwide, Inc., formerly KMSystems, Inc.

In an effort to reach out to our international market, KMSystems, Inc., has changed its name to KMSYS Worldwide, Inc.

eQuate Optimized for Network Users: Ideal for “Thin Client” Appliances

With eQuate, easy Windows development from host legacy applications with no changes required to host programs. All run-time files published to a shared server for access by network users. No installation required on client systems. Latest software and application changes are immediate and transparent to end users.

The eXpress You've Been Waiting 4

Terminal Emulation Has Never Been This Good! This is the biggest upgrade the UTS and T27 eXpress product line has ever seen. If you are still on version 3 or older, you won't want to miss out.

Take Your ClearPath With You

QPlexView allows you to fit the power of a mainframe into your pocket by allowing you to access your host data from anywhere via the internet.

Application Development Is Not Always eQual

Fast host-to-client data transfer, easy installation and familiar interfaces are essential to business everywhere, and the eQuate product line from KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. makes it happen. Give your legacy host applications the look and feel of today’s interactive technology.

Announcing UTS eXpress 4: Terminal Emulation You’ve Been Waiting For

We are very pleased to announce the newest release of its UTS terminal emulation product family. UTS eXpress version 4 is now available and is the biggest upgrade this product has ever seen.




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