New Powerful Scripting Engine

In an effort to provide added flexibility to application development, eXpress Enterprise comes with a completely new scripting engine allowing a choice of BasicScripts, PascalScripts or JScripts. 

Technology Continues to Change

Unisphere seeks market insight from industry leaders. Here, Bob Moffa Jr., Marketing Director at KMSYS, shares his perspective on technology advancements in the Unisys market.

eQuate Version 3.0

KMSYS Worldwide is pleased to announce the release of eQuate, Version 3.0, an all-inclusive development package that allows the creation of Windows applications interacting with existing or new host software.

Fortify the Ramparts with Host Gateway Server

In this day and time, “Security” has become the watchword in the IT industry.  Host Gateway Server is the answer to your security needs.

Pictures Say It All! eXpress Chart

We now include our graphing software, eXpress Chart, free of charge, with the eXpress and eQuate product line. A picture is worth a thousand words, and eXpress Chart allows easy formatting of data into a picture.

Local Print Object

When you have a need for more capability than you can get out of standard print handlers, Local Print Objects or LPOs are the way to go. 

A New Release of T27 Terminal Emulators

KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. announced the newest release of its T27 terminal emulators for Unisys ClearPath Plus MCP Servers --  T27 eXpress, Version 4. 

Flexible yet Secure Authentication

New technology, demanding stronger user authentication than obtainable through traditional 2200 "user id/password" protection, required Unisys to develop innovative yet flexible new software.

20 Years and Still Going Strong

Celebrating our 20th anniversary as a company, I have been asked to tell the story of the development of our technology and the impact technology has had on our company and our industry. This is a daunting task, in that I have to reflect on a long period of time, but one in which I plan to have a little fun.




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