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Fortify the Ramparts with Host Gateway Server

In this day and time, “Security” has become the watchword in the IT industry.  Every corporate head is aware of the sensitive nature of company-controlled data.  Government chairs and elected officials are increasingly confronted with privacy issues that if ignored threaten the very fabric of our society.  And even Everyman is concerned with the safety of his personal accounts and private information.

KMSYS Worldwide has been vigorously developing a new security service that will protect your data from prying eyes and unauthorized access.  Built to embrace the Windows .NET Framework, Host Gateway Server offers Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections between client and server.  Authentication and encryption protects data integrity and stability for all communication streams.  Additionally, all certification is supplied through Windows Internet Information Services.

Host Gateway Server has been engineered to function with all of the communications products offered by KMSYS Worldwide, Inc.  eQuate application developers can be assured that customer information is secure with each transmission.  Data confidence is high when eXpress users access host systems from home office cubicles, remote field locations or even mom’s kitchen table. 

Whether you are looking for safe, encrypted connections with systems outside the enterprise network or clear text connections when encryption is not required, Host Gate Server offers a flexible security service to meet all needs.

More information can be found on the Host Gateway Server page.  Please contact us if you think Host Gateway Server might be able to fortify your domain. 




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