Mainframe Access Unleashed

Browser Emulation System - Mainframe Emulation from a Phone

Terminal Emulation as a Service (TEaaS) provides innovative mainframe connectivity options.  By moving the terminal emulation to a service, KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. is able to provide T27 and UTS emulation embedded in a web page or in a Windows application.  TEaaS goes beyond the green screen by providing a simple API that may be used from ASP.NET or by a Windows application.  The API allows complete control over session establishment and duration along with complete access to the green screen.  With TEaaS, your mainframe access is not held hostage by Java, ActiveX or COM. Read More...


A Faster and Easier Way to Access a Mainframe

eQuate - converting green screens to windows applications

Expand the reach of your mainframe with customized applications for Windows or Web, and leave those green screens behind.  

eQuate, or the “application cloaking device” as we like to call it, is the premiere enterprise application enhancement product.  eQuate is the easiest way to create customized, fully functional, Windows or Web applications that will allow you to interact with your host (2200 or MCP) and with a state-of-the-art look – no more green screens!  Read More...

eQuate security for Unisys os2200 and A Series serversSecurity Should Never be Understated

KMSYS Wolrdwide software works in conjunction with Unisys ClearPath OS 2200 and MCP servers to maintain truly secure connectivity for our customers.  We take every measure to ensure that our software meets or exceeds the security requirements set forth by government agencies and the current levels of Unisys operating systems.  Read More...


Customer Service

Since KMSYS Worldwide's inception, customer service and communication has been just as important to us as great products and services.  From our unparalleled technical and sales support, to our willingness to demonstrate our class-leading products to individuals or groups, we have never waivered from our commitment to be available. 


Did You Know?

When you install a new version of our software, the installation process protects your original configuration.  Even when you remove the older version, we retain all of your previous settings.  There is no need to reconfigure.  As usual, we are looking out for you, so you can spend your valuable time in loftier pursuits.

More Security to Protect Your Data Enterprise

The most important issue facing information technology is the implementation of practices and procedures that safeguards your data from theft and unauthorized access.  With the newest release of connectivity software from KMSYS Worldwide, you can confidently employ the latest security measures available in the industry.  Security enhancements are available for the following products and versions:

Product New Version Description
eQuate & eQuate Web 3.5 Complete Application Development Package (MCP/2200/No-Host)
T27 eXpress Enterprise 5.0 MCP Emulation
UTS eXpress Enterprise 5.0 2200 Emulation



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