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TEaaS as a Web Interface

Auto screen generation, provides TEaaS with a rapid deployment option. By allowing TEaaS to dynamically generate a web screen, most applications can be moved to the web with little effort. Individual screens may be customized as time and need dictates. The three views of a OS2200 application are shown below.

TEaaS offers significant design aids in the green screen debug window shown above.  The start of each field is indicated with a blue [ or a green [ to indicate the start of field.  Writeable fields are indicated by blue while readonly fields are indicated by green.  Hidden text is shown in the lighter green (e.g., CUSTDTL) and readonly text is in italics.  In addition, tool tips appear to indicate row, column, field number and alpha/numeric status of a character position as the mouse hovers. 

The screen, shown in the yellow background, is the result of dynamic HTML forms generation by the TEaaS web control.  All the developer has to add is a page heading, any necessary instructions and an Enter or Transmit button.  The user may click or tab between fields.

The customized screen above is a convenient interface to the Query and Change functions of the original screen.




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