T27 eXpress Enterprise

The Most Complete T27 Emulation Package for MCP Servers

Also available for UTS


The next generation of eXpress is here.

T27 eXpress Enterprise provides the most comprehensive terminal emulation for the ClearPath MCP system.  With limitless screens, custom toolbars and scripting, visual configuration and many other features, T27 eXpress Enterprise delivers a more useful and productive work environment.  T27 eXpress Enterprise offers full-featured connectivity for information technology professionals and end users, alike. 

 T27 eXpress Enterprise integrates and replaces previous versions of eXpress Plus, Pro and Net.  A single installation of eXpress Enterprise contains all the components necessary to implement eXpress Enterprise as a standalone desktop application or a centrally administered application on a Web server.  A software development kit (SDK) with a mainframe communications component is included for sites needing the ability to produce customized Windows applications using Visual Studio, Visual Basic, Delphi, etc.  A single installation of eXpress Enterprise will accommodate any site's implementation requirements.

With eXpress Enterprise, access multiple screens simultaneously and configure each independently.  Any screen can be customized to a particular environment.  Whether the environment is a vendor-supplied resource, such as MARC, or a custom application developed in house, each screen can have its own look and functionality with personalized keyboards, toolbars, script menus and appearance.

The new eXpress Enterprise simplifies the maintenance of host connections.  Each connection is maintained by a screen name selected by the user.  This screen name becomes the button caption shown on the eXpress Enterprise control panel and may be color-coded for convenience.  All terminal information (rows, columns, etc.) is now easily viewed or changed by screen.  Enterprise maintains a pool of host connection points to which screens are linked.  Possible connections include host IP addresses, Host Gateway Servers, etc.  Connections may be configured with or without SSL encryption and authentication.

Enterprise comes with a completely new scripting engine allowing a choice of BasicScripts, PascalScripts or JScripts.  Consequently, maintaining scripts in a language compatible with commonly used application development packages (Visual Studio, Visual Basic, Delphi and Java) offers shops the ability to standardize and simplify their development efforts.

Like the eXpress Plus product line, eXpress Enterprise includes a visual Dialog Designer that, when coupled with the scripting languages, makes an even more powerful application development tool.  The Dialog Designer allows users to create object-oriented forms with controls (buttons, list boxes, etc.) that fire off Event Actions when users manipulate those controls at runtime.  As with scripts, the user chooses whether to maintain the Event Actions code in Basic, Pascal or Java.

Web Implementation

The web implementation of eXpress Enterprise is excellent for sites wanting centralized control over installation and configuration with a minimum footprint at the client level.  “Zero touch” rollout means there is no install on the client PC.  Furthermore, host data can be viewed or maintained via a web browser, which truly makes the mainframe portable. 

Once launched from a web page, the connection to the host is direct from the PC, independent of the web browser.  This implementation allows for uninterrupted connections should the web server be updated or rebooted.  Furthermore, Enterprise can be rolled out with a full complement of scripts, keyboard functions or actions that are preloaded for the users.

The web implementation is for those companies where centralized convenience is key.  Administrators can establish configurations globally for all users, groups of users or for each user individually.  Users can have full, limited, or no permission to configure their settings.  Moreover, since installation is on a web server, changes are available immediately to all users.

The Software Development Kit

The SDK component of eXpress Enterprise (WinQ, component of eXpress Enterprise SDK) contains a control that allows Windows applications to communicate with ClearPath MCP host applications.  This extraordinary capability is perfect for sites that want to go beyond simple emulation, on to new Windows endeavors.

The SDK was designed specifically for programmers, technicians and developers who are accustomed to using their own programming tools such as Visual Studio™, Visual Basic™ or Delphi®, but want the added advantage of customized applications plus emulation.



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