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We often receive questions regarding our variety of emulation options and application development solutions.  Sometimes there are technical questions, questions about pricing, but recently, the questions are about the suitability of a product for a particular environment or platform.  This article will attempt to make that clarification.

Secure Data

A product that is all about security is the Host Gateway Server from KMSYS Worldwide, Inc.  Host Gateway Server (HGS) offers a flexible solution to data protection with a mixture of encrypted and non-encrypted connections.  HGS, installed on a Web server, can support multiple application client types, from the feature-rich eXpress Enterprise terminal emulator to the lightweight browser-based client, HGS Web Client (formerly referred to as QPlex Client).

HGS provides secure access to both ClearPath 2200 and MCP systems.  Any of the following KMSYS Worldwide client products can utilize the security features built into the Host Gateway Server:

Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, the Host Gateway Server is compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140) and is a serious consideration when data security is of utmost importance.

Desktop, Standalone Installation (in the office)

Both T27 eXpress Enterprise and UTS eXpress Enterprise provide emulation connectivity to ClearPath platforms with complete freedom for users to configure their own visual, keyboard and host preferences (screen color, fonts, keystrokes, mainframes, etc.).  If more than one user uses the same PC, both T27 eXpress Enterprise and UTS eXpress Enterprise can be configured to allow each user his or her own preferences.  There is even a locking mechanism preventing unauthorized changes. 

UTS eXpress Enterprise and T27 eXpress Enterprise are the emulators preferred by programmers, technicians and developers.  Pricing is very reasonable for this full-bodied connectivity tool.

For sites that require barebones emulation at rock bottom prices, KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. offers our streamlined emulators: UTS eXpress IT and T27 eXpress IT.  The eXpress IT emulators use the same time-tested technology as the eXpress Enterprise line, but with fewer features.

eXpress IT is for the user that needs basic emulation to get the job done.  Moreover, the price is very low.

Emulation with a Browser

With continued interest in Internet and Intranet applications, KMSYS Worldwide continues to develop more Web-based solutions.  There are several from which to choose.  

UTS eXpress Enterprise and T27 eXpress Enterprise offer centralized control over all configuration options through the Web implementation of the products.  The products are installed and configured on a Web server … nothing is installed on the user's PC.  This implementation allows the emulator to be distributed and executed via Microsoft Internet Explorer[1] over the Internet or Intranet.  Utilizing ClickOnce™ technology, the emulator and other related configuration components automatically become available to the client PC when the user accesses the Web page containing an eXpress Enterprise control.  No programs install on the client PC.  

Like the desktop version, the Web implementation is fully configurable.  Scripts, toolbars and keyboard configurations may be stored locally or in a central location on the server.  An administrator, through a local administration program, establishes configuration privileges by user name and profile.  Group profiles provide the means to simplify user registration.  

The Web implementation is popular with sites using "thin client" systems and with sites wanting tight control over software configurations.  eXpress Enterprise is well suited for home and office access through a Web page where the users need a full-bodied emulator, complete with scripting.   

KMSYS Worldwide also offers an HGS Web Client.  HGS Client is a streamlined emulator fulfilling the basic needs of end users.  Like the Web implementation of eXpress Enterprise, user access is always through a Web page containing the HGS Web Client control.  ClickOnce™ technology removes all configuration and installation from the user's PC and places it on the Web server.  This technology also allows for the automatic distribution and updates of the client software via Microsoft Internet Explorer[1].  

HGS Web Client is "licensed by the session", so you do not have to pay for copies that are not in use.  HGS Web Client is economical for sites wanting Web-based emulation that requires NO maintenance on the user side.  T27 and UTS versions are available.  

Web Application Development Environments

Where HGS Web Client offers simple emulation through a Web page, Browser Emulation System (BES) provides a UTS or T27 screen in a web browser with NO ActiveX or Java controls.  As such, the resulting screens can be used on simple mobile devices such as standard cell phones as well as smart phones.  The BES system can automatically generate a HTML screen from the host green screen, or it may be configured so that the application developer has complete control over the generated HTML screen.  

As a development tool for the Web, the one-time cost of QPlexView is reasonable, regardless of the number of users.

Windows/Web Application Deployment

eQuate is our self-contained application development tool.  It too has all the Windows-to-host communications built in, but contains a VB-like designer that makes forms/dialog creation fun and easy … even for non-programmers.  eQuate has two modes of operation: Screen and Command.  In screen mode, eQuate acts as a screen scraper requiring no change to host applications.  Command mode streamlines applications for faster throughput.  eQuate requires no additional software to deliver a complete Windows application development environment.  eQuate even boasts a Session Manager that controls the applications that the user is allowed to run.

eQuate can be further enhanced with the addition of eQuate Web.  eQuate Web launches the eQuate Session Manager from a Web browser.  Using ClickOnce™ technology, no programs install on the user's PC.  All eQuate run-time databases reside on a Web server.  eQuate forms are cached at the user PC and only downloaded from the server when a newer form is found.  eQuate Web communicates with the host applications through the same communications complex used by eQuate.

Both these products are excellent for sites that have little experience in Windows development languages or HTML markup.  With its "zero maintenance" aspect, eQuate Web is a welcome addition to this development tool.  Like all KMSYS Worldwide products, eQuate remains a very affordable solution.  

The Software Development Kit (SDK) that accompanies eXpress Enterprise includes a powerful ActiveX control to handle all communications between a Windows application and the host.  The WinQ (pronounced "Wink") OCX allows Windows developers to set up Windows screen-scraper applications that interface with existing host applications.  For OS 2200 systems, WinQ has two additional modes of operation allowing formatted message transfers and built-in file transfers.  The professional editions require a development language that supports ActiveX controls: Visual Studio, Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, Power Builder, etc.   

The power to develop Windows-based applications, in addition to emulation, is a great reason to consider this option.  

Windows Platforms (home or away)

All of the KMSYS Worldwide connectivity tools are usable from home.  The desktop implementation of eXpress Enterprise will run on any currently supported Windows platform.

With eQuate Web, the Web implementation of eXpress Enterprise and HGS Web Client, host connectivity is just a few clicks away through your Web browser.

The development software, eQuate, and eXpress Enterprise SDK, all connect through TCP/IP and work very well from home (we use them all the time!).

Finally, eQuate Web, HGS Web Client and the Web implementation of eXpress Enterprise provide connectivity to your users from any place on, or even above, the Earth.  These products, along with the Internet, allow users to access the host from job sites, trade shows or even during a business flight.  All you need is an Internet connection.    

Please note that quantity and other discounts will reduce unit costs considerably.  Please call our sales team immediately for pricing or additional information.  We are more than willing to answer your technical questions and help you choose the product that best suits your needs.  We also like to hear how we can improve our products to serve you better.  


[1] eQuate Web, eXpress Enterprise Web implementation and HGS Web Client are compatible with browsers that supports ClickOnce™ technology.  

™Microsoft Corporation.  



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