A Faster and Easier Way to Access a Mainframe

A Faster and Easier Way to Access a Mainframe - eQuate

Expand the reach of your mainframe with customized applications for Windows or Web, and leave those green screens behind.  

eQuate, or the “application cloaking device” as we like to call it, is the premiere enterprise application enhancement product.  eQuate is the easiest way to create customized, fully functional, Windows or Web applications that will allow you to interact with your host (2200 or MCP) and with a state-of-the-art look – no more green screens!  eQuate applications may be used with any Unisys host type and can even provide connections via the Internet utilizing eQuate Web.   

Getting an eQuate application up and running is a simple process:

  • Capture the forms directly from the actual screens or from a screen file;
  • Design the Windows or Web “look and feel” and manage the application;
  • Administer and decide who has access to the application.  

As an all-inclusive program development tool, eQuate has everything you need to create and run eQuate applications.  A built-in Visual Basic-like development tool and the ability to interact with the host means you will be completely comfortable with development in the eQuate environment.

Once the eQuate application is finalized, your users simply open the eQuate Session Manager, choose which application to run, and begin their interaction with the application.  Users don't even have to know that a connection to a mainframe is involved.  They just click, view and perform any maintenance functions that you built into the application.  

For more information, please contact us.  We are ready to assist, whether by phone, email or through our web site.  You can email support at support@kmsys.com, visit on the web at www.kmsys.com, or call (770) 635-6363. 




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