KMSYS Worldwide

Modernize Legacy Unisys Applications for Windows and Web

As a company developing data access products, KMSYS Worldwide knows that security should never be understated.

KMSYS Wolrdwide software works in conjunction with Unisys ClearPath OS 2200 and MCP servers to maintain truly secure connectivity for our customers.  We take every measure to ensure that our software meets or exceeds the security requirements set forth by government agencies and the current levels of Unisys operating systems.

Many businesses rely on KMSYS Worldwide’s eQuate to deliver host content to end users in an easy-to-use Windows application or web browser format.  A number of built-in, security measures protect the valuable data being presented assuring that that information is never compromised.

Since security requirements and Unisys release levels frequently change, it is vitally important to keep your KMSYS Worldwide products on maintenance and current to ensure that, the latest security has been applied.  KMSYS Worldwide provides updates to customers who are up to date on maintenance.

To learn more about our products and to try a free evaluation, visit or call 770.635.6350.  If you would like to inquire about your maintenance plan, please call or visit today.

Download the eQuate Eval Download the eQuate Eval

For more information on eQuate or its companion, eQuate Web, please contact KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. at (770) 635-6350 or view the eQuate product page.