KMSYS Worldwide Products


    AppDep Simplified Application Deployment        
    Terminal Emulation as a Service UTS or T27 screens on simple mobile devices such as standard and smart phones.         
    CertMinder Certificate Monitoring          
    eQuate Windows and web application development (2200/MCP/NoHost)    
    eQuate Web eQuate applications via a web browser (2200/MCP/NoHost)    
    Host Gateway Server Encrypted and authenticated connections for client applications (2200/MCP)    
    I-QU PLUS-1 Unisys OS 2200 database reorganization and development        
    I-QU ReorgComposer Automatic 2200 database reorganization and conversion code generation        
    InfoQuest 2200 ad hoc query and report generation        
    Q-LINK Makes all 2200 data types available to BIS        
    HGS Web Client for T27 Host access via an Internet connection    
    HGS Web Client for UTS Host access via an Internet connection    
    T27 eXpress Enterprise The Most Complete T27 Emulation Package for Unisys MCP Servers  
    UTS eXpress Enterprise The Most Complete UTS Emulation Package for Unisys OS2200 Servers  



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